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Focus On Christ Not The Crisis

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Focusing on Christ instead of the Crisis

Beginning with today, chronologically, walk backward by nine days from when we will be celebrating Easter on 04.12.2020.

Today into tomorrow would be when Jesus (the Paschal-Sacrificial Lamb), arrived in Bethlehem where Mary anointed Jesus's Feet. John 12:1-11.

He knew that there was a war to be won and He did not retreat from being Thee One to conquer that war. Imagine, in His perfect foreknowledge, He knew what was coming His way, yet He pressed on as He entered into Passion Week. He had no doubt that Resurrection Sunday was to follow.

Friends, consider following along in the Scriptures the chronological events especially beginning with tomorrow, take a faith-walk in the Spirit through Passion Week. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, continue the faith-walk. Take a pause as we consider the Passover meal, known by many as the last Supper, and time to pray as we consider when Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Give Him praise and thanksgiving as we recognize on Good Friday the hours that led and included His Crucifixion and burial.

I pray as you read this that by His Spirit you can sense His great love for mankind. He went through this for all of us and longs for none to perish but to experience and possess Eternal Life.

Lastly, for this post, did I mention that Resurrection Sunday was to follow in this Testimony of God.

What is so amazing is that this greatest story ever told was that it would include us.

Let's not cease in giving thanks with grateful hearts. There is a song that includes "Oh how He loves you and me", so true indeed.


Pastor Anthony Stevens

207-384-2156 Ext. 307



Well Said-I needed this!! Thank you so very much Pastor.. so thankful and grateful for your heart and wonderful sharing Christ..
Thank you so for sharing Pastor Anthony

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