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Special Announcements

Inclement Weather:

For our Sunday and Wednesday services, we should know the evening before a service, by 7:00 p.m. at the latest if we are going to meet the next day. You can check our here for storm notices. When possible, we will also send out an email blast and announce it here on this page, or you can call the church office at 207-384-2156 and leave a message with your question.




TBS Update 1080x700

November 11, 2020


On November 5, 2020, Governor Janet Mills announced an Executive Order requiring people in Maine to wear face coverings in public settings, regardless of the ability to maintain physical distance.

Our services will continue as usual and everyone is encouraged to come in person. However, The Bible Speaks Board of Directors (Dave Walden, Ed Baird, Joe McPherson, Len Oliver), have unanimously approved a temporary facemask requirement to wear throughout our entire church services and other group meetings within the facilities. If you do not have a facemask, one will be provided. The acknowledgment of the uncomfortable and restrictive nature of mask wearing was discussed extensively. We share the displeasure that this brings upon us all.

It is our belief that while we may need to endure this procedure, hopefully for only a short time, it does not forbid us to meet, worship, and share in the Word of God together. An entire sermon can be given with the joy that the Lord may share in our willingness to endure this discomfort for the sake of knowing and being known by Him.

With the success of treatments and new vaccines, we are encouraged and look to see this requirement lifted soon. We simply need to make our love for each other practical, since aside from the mandate, some members are at greater risk than others.

Please feel free to approach one of the listed Board Members with your concerns or suggestions to help our congregation stay healthy and active.

We are also blessed to have the option to livestream the service on Facebook and YouTube, as the His Spirit leads you, to receive God's Word. However, nothing beats seeing you in person – we know there’s a smile behind that veil.


TBS Board of Directors/EB


November 6, 2020

As you can read from the attached Executive Order, and after discussing this as Elders, with the medical field, and after prayerfully considering the Scriptures with the Holy Spirit, for our specific local church family.

We will be implementing the following for our chapel worship  services, Sunday School (including children), and Bible Bytes class, in accordance with and based upon the Executive Order.

  1. All need to wear a mask, not only in the hallways but throughout the Worship service and upon exiting.
  2. We will no longer have live singers up front until further notice. My wife and I will have further contact with the singers and musicians.
  3. We will not be greeting at the door as people leave until further notice. (we love doing this so very much!)

We do understand that the diversity of the opinions in how to view Executive orders regarding a House of Worship is vast. We can only be responsible before God and for this Body.

We also are very grateful to God for the hearts of God’s love and understanding that God has given us here in this local church for one another, as we know that each one will have compassion for us in the decisions that we need to make, as we are all doing the very best that we can unto our Lord..

As we ask for your continued prayers and understanding for us as we navigate the waters of 2020 with each one of you on our minds,  hearts and in or prayers, praying that “God will make a Way”, and we know and trust that He will.

Psalm 37:23-24, 31 [PAT]

23 The steps of a righteous man are directed and established by the Lord, and when they are, He delights in his way.

24 So that when he suffers hardship, he will not be utterly cast down, for the Lord takes his hand in support and upholds him.

31 The Word of his God is in his heart and none of his steps shall slide.

May God continue the flow of His anointing as we continue to Press On, Phil. 3:13-14.


By His Grace Alone,


Pastor Anthony Stevens
Email address: TBS7@outlook.com
Office Phone:  (207) 384-2156 ext. 307

*To view the Executive Order you can download it HERE!