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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Greetings Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a special day that we get to celebrate in remembrance of the Day that our Savior & Lord was born. Taking on our humanity and living among mankind.

What love overwhelms the heart, when we remember that He knew why He was born, yes, to die, but looking beyond that, to show us how great the Father’s Love is for us.

Such a Self-sacrificing love has our Lord shown to us.

Thank you for freely sharing His incredible love one with the other over these past years.

It’s His great love, as expressed through the authority of the Word of His Grace, that drew us to this assembly and it’s that same love that is from Him and for Him that keeps us.

I do pray for our church, that God’s Word, that so clearly reveals such a tender and unconditional love, will permeate and rule supreme among us.

This is why Ephesians 4:32 was given as our verse for 2020 (as seen on the calendars).


reindeerEph. 4:32 [NKJV] “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.”

This is the kind of love that we have learned from the life that Christ lived and so clearly comes down from our Heavenly Father.

My wife and I pray, even as this is typed, pondered and prayed over, that the tenderness and love of our Saviors Heart, will increasingly become our own throughout our assembly.

Freely given, uninhibited, unconditional, unimpaired, and shared one with the other in the power of His Spirit and Truth.

At times, although it may make us vulnerable to being hurt, it is so worth it when we consider the joy that is set before us. The joy of being together and reigning with our Lord forever and ever.

We would love for anyone that can to join us for the Candlelight Service from 6-7 tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.

We also pray that ALL enjoy a very blessed Christmas Day in the Presence of our Lord, as He is Emmanuel, God with us, even now.


By His Grace & in His Love,

Ps. Anthony & Patty Stevens 

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