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Lost Sheep


Psalm 119:176 – “I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments.”

        David used an unusual Hebrew word for sheep, keshah. It means, “I’m just a little lamb who is lost in the woods.” These little lambs would naturally follow any shepherd and also just as easily lose sight of him and become lost. The more time a sheep spends with a shepherd, the more intimate that sheep becomes with him and less likely to lose its way, for it gets to know His voice. 

        These little lambs innocently become lost as they just become distracted, their physical needs “pushing them out to graze.” How many times do we too get distracted due to our jobs, finances, health, and even relationships. The little lamb remains lost until the shepherd seeks it out and returns it to the flock.

        Keshah also speaks of a sacrificial lamb. Whatever the hardship, heartache, or distraction, or how loud we cry out “baaa,” may we remember God’s Word and His loving, compassionate care for His little lambs. When we find ourselves straying away because of taking our eyes off the Shepherd, may we find great comfort in knowing that He will not quit searching for His little lost lamb in the woods. Not only will He bring us safely home but redeem the time that we were away by using that time as a sacrifice to help others grow in their relationship with the Shepherd. 


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