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When we suffer it is natural to look to God for deliverance. But, when our hope is in our deliverance and not in the Deliverer, it can lead to a sick heart (Proverbs 13:12). On the other hand, to place our hope in our Deliverer, who suffered for us, is to look to the One who knows and understands our suffering and can make us whole through spiritual healing from within.

Out of compassion His Spirit groans for those whose brokenness is as vast as the sea and who are wondering where their healing will come from (Lamentations 2:13). For those who feel helpless but not hopeless, their hope surpasses theology and is found in their relationship with their Lord. It is unto Him that they lift up their soul, and it is unto Him whom they trust (Psalm 25:1).

As we set the Lord before our face, we begin to lose sight of Self and begin to see that it is the Lord who holds us together, gives us strength, renews our hope, and makes our hearts glad, and our whole being is caused to rejoice and our body to rest in trust (Psalm 16:6-9). Let’s not abandon our hope in our Deliverer but look to His Spirit to help us to know Him in the suffering that is at hand. For when our hope in Christ is paired up with our suffering, His strength enters onto the scene when our weakness shows up, for the power of Christ is making us strong (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

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